Colorwheel Imaging & Graphics is a digital photography and graphic design company located in central Virginia. It is owned and operated by Brandy and Travis Paradis.

Travis, the lead photographer for Colorwheel, is a graphic designer for a national catalog retailer. He has been a photographic hobbyist for over twelve years and has bridged over to the professional side shooting portraits, candids and group shots part time. His interest in imaging and graphics started as he entered high school. He followed his passion with a degree in Graphic Communications, graduating from Chowan University in 2001. In his spare time, he is a volunteer fire fighter and has been the photographer for the Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department, documenting fire calls for station recruitment and information publications and also for personnel training. When he is not at work or volunteering for his community, he is choosing a lens to take on his next outing.

Brandy is a photographer for Colorwheel, she enjoys setting up the camera angle, lighting and posing people to get that perfect shot. She has a great eye for photography and has enjoyed the hobby over the years, especially shooting fun portraits and landscape shots. Full time, she dispatches for the local Emergency Communications Center and is involved with the Seminole Trail Fire Department as an EMT.